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Taken 19-Jan-08
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Copyright © 2008 Christy Varonfakis Johnson [email protected] All rights reserved. [#Beginning of Shooting Data Section]Nikon D70Focal Length: 50mmOptimize Image: CustomColor Mode: Mode Ia (sRGB)Long Exposure NR: Off2008/01/13 17:35:16.1Exposure Mode: ManualWhite Balance: AutoTone Comp.: User-Defined Custom CurveCompressed RAW (12-bit)Metering Mode: Multi-PatternAF Mode: AF-SHue Adjustment: 0°Image Size: Large (3008 x 2000)1/60 sec - F/16Flash Sync Mode: Not AttachedSaturation: NormalExposure Comp.: 0 EVSharpening: LowLens: 50mm F/1.4 DSensitivity: ISO 200Auto Flash Comp: 0 EVImage Comment: [#End of Shooting Data Section]

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